Workshops and Master Classes

Workshops, Master Classes and Mentoring

From 2020 onward, as the worlds of singing, acting, improvisation, accompanying, composition, cabarets, choirs, live performance and recordings collide in new and exciting ways, I am uniquely positioned to help you achieve your artistic goals. And if you’re a teacher, I can bring varied insight to your students, one-on-one or in groups. 

From prepared talks on topics you need, to coaching of musical theater auditions for performance classes, to script and song feedback, to longer-term mentoring of young writers, teachers or artists, I can help. My insight into the ways words and music work together, and the way singers interact with instruments and technology, will open your eyes to new paradigms of creative work. Travel is possible, and online is certainly the way things are being done! Pricing can be tailored to your situation, and scheduling is flexible. I’d love to hear from you about where you want to go, and how Paul W. Thompson Music can help you get there. Let’s raise the bar on storytelling through song, together!

Paul in at-home performance recording as Emile Debecque

Photo by Robbie Ellis
With bass David Govertsen, courtesy of Transgressive Theatre-Opera