Voice and Piano Lessons

I teach musical theater voice, popular vocal styles, music improv, traditional and contemporary piano, and the situations in which these arts overlap. At Paul W. Thompson Music, the study of music (whether for theatrical purposes or not) is student-focused. In this way, students can achieve the goals they set up for themselves when they begin instruction. I am based in Chicago and have a studio at the Fine Arts Building, but since we are operating a little differently these days, I can teach anyone, anywhere via Zoom. Ready to Sign Up? Contact me and we’ll get started!

Children and Teens

Children and youth can find a solid grounding in music theory, proper style-based technique and effective practice strategies, while strengthening their maturing bodies, and they will enjoy beginning to master the different techniques and styles required by different types of music and theater literature. Let’s prepare for that upcoming try-out, performance, online opportunity or college entrance audition!

College Students and Young Professionals

College students and young professionals can build their audition repertoire and their range of musical and theatrical expression, while gaining the confidence to successfully negotiate the challenging world of performing arts job-seeking and performance-making. How many pieces can you sing or play on a moment’s notice?

The Rest of Us

Mature professionals and truly all people who just love music can learn new songs, deepen their understanding of stylistic and repertoire requirements, or get a “tune-up” that is a natural part of being a busy, working adult. Need a refresher, or some new ideas for material?

Lesson Format

Younger children typically have a thirty-minute lesson weekly, and teens and adults a full hour. Lessons during 2020 are typically online through Zoom. Each weekly lesson begins with a brief warm-up, readying the voice and body for the demands of the lesson. These exercises will help the student understand how to use and to choose the registers of the human voice and fingers of the human hands. Then, this work will be incorporated into the process of learning new music. Finally, more familiar music will be polished, both for optimal technique, and for audition or performance presentation in a theater, cabaret, concert or online format.

Paul Working on a piece at piano with tenor Christian Ketter
Working with tenor Christian Ketter. Photo by Barry Ketter

Pricing and Scheduling

Adults and High School Students:
$80 per hour
$40 per half hour
Non-Lesson Piano Tracks:
$20 per track

Ideally we pick a time weekly that works for both of us, but I also try to be flexible when life just doesn’t allow you to have a “regular” schedule. We can work together each week to find the times that work for both of us.

Contact me to get started!